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Services for professionals and citizens.

We cover a wide range of needs in the digital world.

For the citizen

Recover the control of your Digital-Me

Digital Footprint report

What does the internet know about you? Through our assistant, once your identity has been verified, you can request a report that will show you the public data that exists about you and is accessible to anyone.

Exercise your data protection rights

Once your report has been reviewed, if you decide to exercise any of your personal data rights contained in the GDPR, we will contact you to our network of professionals in order they can advise you and help you using our technology.

For the professionals

Give your customers the peace of mind of a digital life under control.

Use case

Our SAAS platform in this modality includes:

Annual subscription

Read more about our annual subscription service and all its advantages:

  • Get a valid and digital authorization from your customer
  • Customer’s digital onboarding with identification and ID/Passport validation
  • Consult and download the digital footprint report
  • Included 10 certified evidences for your customer
  • Payment gateway
  • Documentation repository
  • Real time tracking process
  • Communication and notifications with controller or processing

The same as the use case but multiplied by 10 and with the training academy section within the platform where you can obtain a Privacy Officer certificate.